UPDATE! We have a one week long spring break next week so I will post the new CoHF project! and if I don’t feel free to insult me, unfollow me and report me because it means I slept like a lazy bear the entire week.

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x J2 signing at SDCC

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I am the opposite of amnesia

magnus bane

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the shadowhunter chronicles’ ladies + name meanings

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"Tess," he said, hoarsely. He was on his feet, without knowing how he had gotten there. He took a step toward her, and then another. "Forty-nine thousand, two hundred and seventy-five."

She knew immediately what he meant. He knew she would. She knew him as no one else living did. “Are you counting days?”

"Forty-nine thousand, two hundred and seventy-five days since I last kissed you," he said. "And I thought of you every single one of them. You do not have to remind me of the Tessa I loved. You were my first love and you will be my last one. I have never forgotten you. I have never not thought of you." He was close enough now to see the pulse pounding in her throat. To reach out and lift up a curl of her hair. "Never."

After the Bridge, Cassandra Clare


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I don’t even know how to say how sorry I am for the manip delay. See? this is what I was talking about. I’ve been stuck with a Frankenstein graphic that needs to be perfect because the teacher hates me and screamed at me for 20 minutes when I said I didn’t understand what he wanted us to do. It’s not like I’m not working on the manips, but school is draining my brain and I love this scene and I don’t want to fuck things up and upload a rushed manip for such a cute moment. 

I have been worrying about this manip and my promise the whole day and I’ve been told a thousand times that ‘it’s just a blog and I should worry about school’ but I just can’t help feeling like the worst liar for not posting it.

So I made the Frankenstein graphic and instead of started working on the explanation of the graphic (bc my teacher hates us and wants us to use horribly long and stupid words to explain why we did what we did) I continued working on this manip.

But it’s 12 am again and I have to wake up at 7 and the manip is not looking good enough for me to post and be proud of. 

I’m sorry and it’s okay if you hate me sorry sorry sorry.

Here’s a little preview of what’s going on in this ‘magnus-recovered.psd’ file.

Also, I’ve been having problems choosing the scenes I want to manip. I have a few ideas, but there are many chapters and I’d love you guys to share with me your favourite CoHF project and I’ll make a strict schedule to make sure I work a few hours per day on this project. I’m really excited about it and it sucks that some of you are waiting for my brain to wake up. 

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COHF PROJECT UPDATE: the new manip will be posted today, I’m sorry about the waiting but it’s almost 1 am and I have classes at 8 so I really have to sleep. I know I said it was going to be up today but manips take time :( I’m sorry! (and I will upload a third one this week to compensate the waiting) Ily allllllllllllll ♥

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Tessa and Jem seeing Alec for the first time and instantly thinking of Will.

Instead of saying something they just look at each other and smile.

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