Please sign this, even if you don’t like The Mortal Instruments. One of my favourite book series was made into a movie, it kind of didn’t work and they are going to turn it into a tv show. We’re scared that they might want to change the original cast. We really love them and hope they’ll stay with us. Please sign the petition and help us!

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I’m super happy for the TMI news but I’m super sad too because I need Godfrey and Kevin in my life and if they cast someone else as Magnus and Alec my life will be over

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destielsflowerchild: Yay thank you for updating! <3 I love both of them. :) And the Malec one asdfghjkl. You're the best.

It’s incredibly hard to choose a scene and make a manip out of it. Probably because they are very detailed and it’s really hard to get every detail right, and I’m a perfectionist and I can’t handle it doing things wrong. I spent weeks trying to manip Jace’s dream (the one where he saw an angel with his wing ripped out and golden blood everywhere) and I failed terribly. So yeah, this project will take way longer than expected and I suck at it.

But I know I’m good at making random Malec scenes because I ship Malec more than anything on earth and I can make up scenes in my mind and then find a way to manip them and it’s so much fun. Sometimes I end up giggling at the scene I just made up. It’s like creating my own visual fanfic and I LOVE IT. ♥

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Yayyy it’s THAT time of the year!

I’m doing a giveaway to celebrate my 5k followers!

I can’t believe my posts are being seen by 5k people what. I’ve been on tumblr for years, you’ve been following my process from horrible-photofiltre-editor to graphic designer-to-be and that’s what this giveaway is about!


  • Must be following me! I’m celebrating with my followers ♥
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¡Promos! There will be five winners who will get a follow + promo + mention on my updates tab

Please message me to be included in the promo thing since it will be hard to check out every single blog

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Hey guys! I’m hosting this giveaway on my main blog. It counts for this blog’s followers too so feel free to enter!

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Check out my TMI / TID manips

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Meditating Jace for “The Portion of Their Cup”, chapter 1.

Jace cracked an eye open. “This sounds

very romantic.””

Track CoHF Project for more. You can suggest your favourite scenes too! (actually please do, it’s really hard to choose what to manip)

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I’ve found out that I enjoy making random Malec manips than following an already existent scene. So yeah, the second CoHF project is ready and I’m going to post it but I totally hate it. Damn. Might as well compensate it with a Malec one. 

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Why can I see when no one else can?

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